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חוברות פתוחות עמוד פרסומים של בו חמו רפאל


29.   Salma Haj-Yahia, Arijit Nandi & Raphael I. Benhamou. 2023. "Targeted Degradation of Structured RNAs via Ribonuclease-Targeting Chimeras (RiboTacs)".

Expert Opinion on Drug Discovery


28.   Yuquan Tong, Yeongju Lee, Xiaohui Liu, Jessica L. Childs-Disney, Blessy M. Suresh, Raphael I. Benhamou, Chunying Yang, Weimin Li, Matthew G. Costales, Hafeez S. Haniff, Sonja Sievers, Daniel Abegg, Tristan Wegner, Tiffany O. Paulisch, Elizabeth Lekah, Maison Grefe, Gogce Crynen, Montina Van Meter, Tenghui Wang, Quentin M. R. Gibaut, John L. Cleveland, Alexander Adibekian, Frank Glorius, Herbert Waldmann & Matthew D. Disney. 2023. "Programming inactive RNA-binding small molecules into bioactive degraders". Nature 618, 169–179 (2023)



27.   Jessica A Bush, Samantha M Meyer, Rita Fuerst, Yuquan Tong, Yue Li, Raphael I Benhamou, Haruo Aikawa, Patrick RA Zanon, Quentin MR Gibaut, Alicia J Angelbello, Tania F Gendron, Yong-Jie Zhang, Leonard Petrucelli, Torben Heick Jensen, Jessica L Childs-Disney, Matthew D Disney. 2022. A blood–brain penetrant RNA-targeted small molecule triggers elimination of r(G4C2)exp in c9ALS/FTD via the nuclear RNA exosome”. PNAS, 119 (48) e2210532119

publication 27 - PNAS exosomal decay ALS


30.   Noah A. Springera , Samantha M. Meyera , Amirhossein Taghavia , Raphael I. Benhamoub , Yuquan Tonga , Jessica L. Childs-Disneya , and Matthew D. Disney, 2023. "Targeted Methods for the study of ribonuclease targeting chimeras (RiboTACs)". Methods in Enzymology


26.   Raphael I Benhamou, Blessy M Suresh, Yuquan Tong, Wesley G Cochrane, Valerie Cavett, Simon Vezina-Dawod, Daniel Abegg, Jessica L Childs-Disney, Alexander Adibekian, Brian M Paegel, Matthew D Disney. 2022. “DNA-encoded library versus RNA-encoded library selection enables design of an oncogenic noncoding RNA inhibitor”. PNAS, 119 (6) e2114971119

Del and RNA Structures


25. Raphael I Benhamou, Shruti Choudhary, Elizabeth Lekah, Yuquan Tong, Matthew D Disney. 2021. “Bioinformatic Searching for Optimal RNA Targets of Dimeric Compounds Informs Design of a MicroRNA-27a Inhibitor”..ACS Chem. Biol. 17, 1, 5–10

publication 25 - Bioinformatic Searching for Optimal RNA Targets of Dimeric

24. Sarah Wagner-Griffin, Masahito Abe, Raphael I Benhamou, Alicia J Angelbello, Kamalakannan Vishnu, Jonathan L Chen, Jessica L Childs-Disney, and Matthew D Disney. 2021. “A Druglike Small Molecule that Targets r (CCUG) Repeats in Myotonic Dystrophy Type 2 Facilitates Degradation by RNA Quality Control Pathways.” Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, 64, 12, 8474–8485

publication 24 - RNA Quality Control Pathways

23. Peiyuan Zhang, Xiaohui Liu, Daniel Abegg, Toru Tanaka, Yuquan Tong, Raphael I Benhamou, Jared Baisden, Gogce Crynen, Samantha M Meyer, Michael D Cameron, and others. 2021. “Reprogramming of Protein-Targeted Small-Molecule Medicines to RNA by Ribonuclease Recruitment.” Journal of the American Chemical Society, 143, 33, Pp. 13044–13055.

publication 23 - Reprogramming of Protein-Targeted Small-Molecule Medicines to RNA

22. Jessica A Bush, Haruo Aikawa, Rita Fuerst, Yue Li, Andrei Ursu, Samantha M Meyer, Raphael I Benhamou, Jonathan L Chen, Tanya Khan, Sarah Wagner-Griffin, and others. 2021. “Ribonuclease recruitment using a small molecule reduced c9ALS/FTD r (G4C2) repeat expansion in vitro and in vivo ALS models.” Science Translational Medicine, 13, 617, Pp. eabd5991.

publication 22 - Ribonuclease recruitment

21. Alicia J Angelbello, Raphael I Benhamou, Suzanne G Rzuczek, Shruti Choudhary, Zhenzhi Tang, Jonathan L Chen, Madhuparna Roy, Kye Won Wang, Ilyas Yildirim, Albert S Jun, and others. 2021. “A small molecule that binds an RNA repeat expansion stimulates its decay via the exosome complex.” Cell Chemical Biology, 28, 1, Pp. 34–45.

publication 21 - A small molecule that binds an RNA

20. Maayan Bibi, Sarah Murphy, Raphael I Benhamou, Alex Rosenberg, Adi Ulman, Tihana Bicanic, Micha Fridman, and Judith Berman. 2021. “Combining Colistin and Fluconazole Synergistically Increases Fungal Membrane Permeability and Antifungal Cidality.” ACS infectious diseases, 7, 2, Pp. 377–389.

publication 20 Combining Colistin and Fluconazole Synergistically


19. Raphael I Benhamou, Simon Vezina-Dawod, Shruti Choudhary, Kye Won Wang, Samantha M Meyer, Ilyas Yildirim, and Matthew D Disney. 2020. “Macrocyclization of a ligand targeting a toxic RNA dramatically improves potency.” ChemBioChem, 21, 22, Pp. 3229–3233.

publication 19 - Macrocyclization of a ligand targeting a toxic RNA

18. Raphael I Benhamou, Masahito Abe, Shruti Choudhary, Samantha M Meyer, Alicia J Angelbello, and Matthew D Disney. 2020. “Optimization of the linker domain in a dimeric compound that degrades an r (CUG) repeat expansion in cells.” Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, 63, 14, Pp. 7827–7839.

publication 18 - Optimization of the linker domain in a dimeric compound

17. Matthew D Disney, Blessy M Suresh, Raphael I Benhamou, and Jessica L Childs-Disney. 2020. “Progress toward the development of the small molecule equivalent of small interfering RNA.” Current opinion in chemical biology, 56, Pp. 63–71.

publication 17 - small interfering RNA

16. Raphael I Benhamou, Alicia J Angelbello, Ryan J Andrews, Eric T Wang, Walter N Moss, and Matthew D Disney. 2020. “Structure-Specific cleavage of an RNA repeat expansion with a dimeric small molecule is advantageous over Sequence-Specific recognition by an oligonucleotide.” ACS chemical biology, 15, 2, Pp. 485–493.

publication 16 - Structure-Specific cleavage of an RNA

15. Hafeez S Haniff, Yuquan Tong, Xiaohui Liu, Jonathan L Chen, Blessy M Suresh, Ryan J Andrews, Jake M Peterson, Collin A O’Leary, Raphael I Benhamou, Walter N Moss, and others. 2020. “Targeting the SARS-CoV-2 RNA genome with small molecule binders and ribonuclease targeting chimera (RIBOTAC) degraders.” ACS central science, 6, 10, Pp. 1713–1721.

publication 15 - Targeting the SARS-CoV-2 RNA genome

14. Raphael I Benhamou, Alicia J Angelbello, Eric T Wang, and Matthew D Disney. 2020. “A toxic RNA catalyzes the cellular synthesis of its own inhibitor, shunting it to endogenous decay pathways.” Cell chemical biology, 27, 2, Pp. 223–231.

publication 14 - A toxic RNA catalyzes the cellular synthesis of its own inhibitor


13. Rebecca Elias, Raphael I Benhamou, Qais Z Jaber, Orly Dorot, Sivan Louzoun Zada, Keren Oved, Edward Pichinuk, and Micha Fridman. 2019. “Antifungal activity, mode of action variability, and subcellular distribution of coumarin-based antifungal azoles.” European journal of medicinal chemistry, 179, Pp. 779–790.

publication 13 - Antifungal activity, mode of action variability


12. Dongyeop Kim, Yuan Liu, Raphael I Benhamou, Hiram Sanchez, Áurea Simón-Soro, Yong Li, Geelsu Hwang, Micha Fridman, David R Andes, and Hyun Koo. 2018. “Bacterial-derived exopolysaccharides enhance antifungal drug tolerance in a cross-kingdom oral biofilm.” The ISME journal, 12, 6, Pp. 1427–1442.

publication 12 - Bacterial-derived exopolysaccharides enhance antifungal drug tolerance

11. Qais Z Jaber, Raphael I Benhamou, Ido M Herzog, Bar Ben Baruch, and Micha Fridman. 2018. “Cationic amphiphiles induce macromolecule denaturation and organelle decomposition in pathogenic yeast.” Angewandte Chemie, 130, 50, Pp. 16629–16633.

publication 11 - Cationic amphiphiles induce macromolecule denaturation

10. Raphael I Benhamou, Qais Z Jaber, Ido M Herzog, Yael Roichman, and Micha Fridman. 2018. “Fluorescent tracking of the endoplasmic reticulum in live pathogenic fungal cells.” ACS chemical biology, 13, 12, Pp. 3325–3332.

publication 10 - Fluorescent tracking of the endoplasmic reticulum

9. Kfir B Steinbuch, Raphael I Benhamou, Lotan Levin, Reuven Stein, and Micha Fridman. 2018. “Increased degree of unsaturation in the lipid of antifungal cationic amphiphiles facilitates selective fungal cell disruption.” ACS infectious diseases, 4, 5, Pp. 825–836.

publication 9 - Increased degree of unsaturation

8. Raphael I Benhamou, Maayan Bibi, Judith Berman, and Micha Fridman. 2018. “Localizing Antifungal Drugs to the Correct Organelle can Markedly Enhance their Efficacy.” Angewandte Chemie.

publication 8 - Localizing Antifungal Drugs


7. Raphael I Benhamou, Maayan Bibi, Kfir B Steinbuch, Hamutal Engel, Maayan Levin, Yael Roichman, Judith Berman, and Micha Fridman. 2017. “Real-time imaging of the azole class of antifungal drugs in live Candida cells.” ACS chemical biology, 12, 7, Pp. 1769–1777.

publication 7 - Real-time imaging of the azole class

6. Donna Matzov, Zohar Eyal, Raphael I Benhamou, Moran Shalev-Benami, Yehuda Halfon, Miri Krupkin, Ella Zimmerman, Haim Rozenberg, Anat Bashan, Micha Fridman, and others. 2017. “Structural insights of lincosamides targeting the ribosome of Staphylococcus aureus.” Nucleic acids research, 45, 17, Pp. 10284–10292.

publication 6 - Structural insights of lincosamides

5. Joana Salta, Raphael I. Benhamou, Ido M. Herzog, and Micha. Fridman. 2017. “Tuning the Effects of Bacterial Membrane Permeability through Photo-Isomerization of Antimicrobial Cationic Amphiphiles.” Chemistry a European Journal, 23, 52, Pp. 12724–12728.

publication 5 - Tuning the Effects of Bacterial Membrane Permeability


4. Raphael I Benhamou, Kfir B Steinbuch, and Micha Fridman. 2016. “Antifungal Imidazole-Decorated Cationic Amphiphiles with Markedly Low Hemolytic Activity.” Chemistry–A European Journal, 22, 32, Pp. 11148–11151.

publication 4 - Antifungal Imidazole

3. Pazit Shaul, Raphael I Benhamou, Ido M Herzog, Louzoun S Zada, Yuval Ebenstein, and Micha Fridman. 2016. “Synthesis and evaluation of membrane permeabilizing properties of cationic amphiphiles derived from the disaccharide trehalose.” Organic & biomolecular chemistry, 14, 11, Pp. 3012–3015.

publication 3 - Synthesis and evaluation of membrane permeabilizing properties


2. Raphael I Benhamou, Pazit Shaul, Ido M Herzog, and Micha Fridman. 2015. “Di-N-Methylation of Anti-Gram-Positive Aminoglycoside-Derived Membrane Disruptors Improves Antimicrobial Potency and Broadens Spectrum to Gram-Negative Bacteria.” Angewandte Chemie, 127, 46, Pp. 13821–13825.

publication 2 - Di-N-Methylation of Anti-Gram

1. Yifat Berkov-Zrihen, Ido M Herzog, Raphael I Benhamou, Mark Feldman, Kfir B Steinbuch, Pazit Shaul, Shachar Lerer, Avigdor Eldar, and Micha Fridman. 2015. “Tobramycin and Nebramine as Pseudo-oligosaccharide Scaffolds for the Development of Antimicrobial Cationic Amphiphiles.” Chemistry–A European Journal, 21, 11, Pp. 4340–4349.

publication 1 - Tobramycin and Nebramine
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